Privacy Policy

We keep you Anonymous -

Justice Poker believes in the firm security and privacy of our users and hence we do not wish to share our users’ personal information like name, e-mail, mobile number, aadhar number, PAN number, address proof, etc. with any third-party vendor or website, except as provided in the Privacy policy.

What’s the Process of Collection of Information?
  • When you download the app while signing in we ask for your credentials but that’s completely optional whether you want to provide particulars or not. Despite this, you can skim through the app.
  • We also collect information while users undergo any transaction process but we do not keep a record of the details of the card.
  • And also the times when you visit our app (Justice Poker), we automatically collect some information like the IP address of your smart devices, browser type, language, browser name or type, and date and time during which you accessed our profile.
  • And to improve our customer’s reactivity we may also use “cookies” to assign them an arbitrary User ID so that we can understand their interest and design our algorithm accordingly.
Utility of Collected Information -
  • Notifying our users of software updates or services.
  • Creating a personalized experience for a user and providing them with relevant pieces of information.
  • Creating and managing player’s accounts and also dealing with their queries.
  • Doing the recurrent analysis and checking the traffic on the Justice Poker app. These statistics would help us to analyze the gap (if it's persistent) and plan accordingly.
  • This information would also help to advertise and understand the potency of our product.
Our Rights -

To enjoy the facilities of our app, you must provide your credentials like username, password, e-mail ID, etc. Besides these, some extra details must also be shared but this is completely optional and you can also withdraw such additional information or data so shared as per the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

However, if you have shared the subsequent information and now calling for a withdrawal then Justice Poker has the right to withhold the information and the user is not liable to raise any objection in this regard.

And what you agreed after?
  • It must be agreed that the moment you sign in or register to our Justice Poker app you become liable to receive notifications via message, e-mail, or WhatsApp.
  • And if someone else is using your referral code then he/she also becomes eligible for getting notifications from our side and the e-mail header will carry your e-mail address.
  • Every user is registered using a username and password and maintaining confidentiality is the responsibility of the user and we do not claim any responsibility for this. So we advise you not to disclose any such information. And if there is any breach of security/tampered login credentials then it is the responsibility of a user to notify it to
  • The data over the internet is not safe and any meddling in security can be done easily. So we recommend you not disclose any information (especially financial) over the Internet.
  • We may also contain some hyperlinks that will redirect you to another website and such websites are governed by their own policy and Justice Poker does not exercise any control over it.
With Whom this Information could be shared?
  • Any employee working within the organization.
  • Any 3rd party servers who promise us to improve our gaming experience, payment process (deposit and withdrawal), and website’s user interface.
  • Any regulatory or government body that has sufficient reason to access this personal information.
  • Any potential buyers or investors.
  • Third-party market research and companies advertising for us.
Security of Winnings -

Winnings and cash prizes are processed in a highly secure environment and under specialized mechanisms and it is ensured that there should be no scope for mistake. But the only thing that is surpassing the security is the government’s norms and regulations through which they can access any of the information that is residing with Justice Poker.

Protection of Children -

It is the clear-cut policy of our app that minors should be prohibited from the betting apps and only adults (18+ of age) should be authorized to use and register on this platform. That’s why documentation is compulsory on this platform and if any disturbance is found in the verification process then Justice Poker has the right to terminate the ID of the concerned person.

Consent -
  • By using our app or website it becomes clear that a user has given permission to access the given information to Justice Poker, its partner, and its affiliates.
  • We may conduct security reviews at any time to verify your identity, age, registration data, use of our services, and financial transactions for potential violations of our terms of use and applicable law. By using our website, you authorize us, our staff, agents, and suppliers to use and disclose your personal information to third parties for the purpose of validating the information you provide to us.
  • By filling your mobile number on our site, you are giving Fanmade11 Fantasy Sports Private Limited, the right to contact you either through call or SMS in order to deliver our information on promotional activities.
  • To play real money games, you must deposit and withdraw money. We may use third-party electronic payment processors or financial institutions (ESPs) to process these transactions. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent to us sharing your personal information with ESPs as needed to process transactions. We take steps to protect your privacy in our arrangements with ESPs.
Merger and Other Events Requiring Transfer -

If we ever become insolvent or file for insolvency or get acquired by a third party, sell all or part of our asset or transfer all or part of our asset to a third party. We have the right to share the personal information and all other information that you have provided through your KYC to potential subsequent business and the merging partners.

We have provided you with this Privacy Policy so that you can understand how we collect, use, and safeguard your information for the purpose of offering you betting services.