Women in poker: breaking barriers and building careers

Women in poker breaking barriers and building careers

Take a look at the list of wonder women making it big in the field of Poker

Deepansh Bajaj June 27, 2024

In a male-dominated world of poker, women have been making significant strides, breaking barriers, and shattering glass ceilings. These remarkable individuals have not only demonstrated unparalleled skill at the tables but have also paved the way for future generations of female players.

Wonder Women In Poker

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst is a dominant force in the world of poker. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Selbst graduated from Yale University with a degree in Political Science before she decided to make Poker her profession. She is known for her aggressive gameplay, Selbst has registered an impressive list of tournament victories, including three World Series of Poker bracelets. Selbst has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights in the poker community, challenging stereotypes and promoting greater gender diversity. Her leadership and activism have inspired countless women to pursue their passion for poker and break down barriers in the industry.

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Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree’s journey to poker stardom is nothing short of remarkable. Born in Kent, England, Boeree initially pursued a career in astrophysics, earning a degree from the University of Manchester. However, she had a keen interest in Poker which prompted her to choose Poker professionally. Boeree’s strategic prowess and intelligence at the tables have earned her numerous tournament victories, including a World Series of Poker bracelet.

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Maria Ho

Maria Ho is a legend in the world of poker. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Ho moved to the United States at a tender age and discovered her passion for poker while studying at the University of California, San Diego. With her charismatic personality and skill at the tables, Ho has become one of the most famous faces in the game.

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Kristen Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell is an upcoming star in the world of poker. Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Bicknell began playing poker at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top female players in the game. With her constant determination and work ethic Bicknell has amassed an impressive list of tournament victories, including two World Series of Poker bracelets.

Kristen Bicknell

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad a young session took the Poker community by surprise by displaying brilliant gameplay at such a young age.. Born in Sandnes, Norway, Obrestad began playing poker online at the age of 15 and quickly rose to prominence as one of the top online players in the world.

Annette Obrestad

Breaking Barriers

Women have not only achieved success at the Poker table, they have also managed to break the barriers for other girls to give a try to Poker in a male-dominated game. These Women have promoted through activities so that this game can be played by girls.

The Benefits of Learning Poker for Women

Learning Poker can help a person develop certain cognitive skills, this can help women to think strategically, also helps them to enhance their decision-making skills.

Confidence Through Poker

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of learning poker for women is the boost in confidence it can provide. In a game where success often depends on making bold decisions and trusting one’s instincts, women can discover a newfound sense of self-assurance.

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