Pros & Cons Of Being a Professional Poker Player

Pros and Cons of being a professional Poker player

Take a look at the pros and cons of being a professional Poker player.

Deepansh Bajaj June 16, 2024

Poker is one of the most exciting and upcoming games in India. Poker had a major boom during the Covid-19 lockdown in India. This was the time when people sought to online gaming.

First things first an individual should look at certain things before deciding on the decision to make Poker as a career for a living, the individual needs to figure out that has he been playing the game enough to know all the rules and regulations of the game. Does a person enjoy the game or is just looking at the big money involved in it?

The most important thing is whether will you be able to take the game seriously as it will be the only means of your living.

If these things are decided then he/she has to look at the pros and cons of being a professional Poker player

Pros Of Being Professional Poker Player

1. No Qualifications Required

To be a professional Poker player one doesn't need a university degree. To play Poker, a bloke needs a sharp and alert mindset. To learn Poker there are many study materials as well as interviews of famous Poker players available on Websites.

2. Big Bucks

This is the most prominent and popular reason why people jump into playing Poker. The game has a lot of money involved, however along with the cash there is also a high amount of risk.

3. Say Goodbye to the Corporate Cubicles

Probably the best thing a person could ask for, a professional Poker player doesn't have to worry about targets, or reaching the office on time. In Poker the player has the freedom to decide when he wants to play, and which tournament he wants to be a part of.

4. Try and know the unheard Poker Tournaments

There are many other Poker tournaments apart from the Hold'em, like Omaha Hi and Poker Razz. These tournaments are less prominent and not played at a big level, a professional Poker player can learn the tactics and strategies to know more about these tournaments to enhance their knowledge about the game.

5. allows following your passion

The game of Poker allows an individual to follow his or her passion and fall in deep love with the card game. Just like many other games this game also ensures that an individual is consistently motivated to get better every day with the norms of the game.

Cons Of Being a Professional Poker Player

1. Requires a Long-Term Commitment

Being a Poker player is not easy. It requires a long-term commitment because it is not like stories where one day you will be a GOAT of the game, card games especially Poker require a lot of patience as well as knowledge, sometimes it takes years to understand the game fully.

2. Difficult to Convince Family

Poker is something that is still relatively new in India, however, in just a short period it has garnered many fans across the nation. The biggest challenge for a Poker player is to convince his or her family as they might not be aware of the game, or have orthodox thinking relating to making a living.

3. Requires High Skillset

The game of Poker cannot just be played purely based on passion and love for the game, it requires much more things like numerous strategies, the game of Poker demands a high skill set to react to the game situation.

4. Need a Good Amount of Buy-In Capital

The biggest challenge for a Poker Player is to get the capital when he or she begins the journey into the world of Poker. We have seen many players when they turn up for the big events, and when they lose a particular game that has some big bucks then they often struggle to find capital. For a rookie, this is the most difficult challenge to ponder upon.

5. Irregular and inconsistent income

Poker is a game with a high risk and high reward, but the risk factor is such that it can turn many careers upside down. The game of Poker has risks filled in it at every juncture. The cashflows are not regular hence financial issues are prominent.

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