Poker Player Types & Most Common Playing Styles You Should Be Aware Of


Learn about the different poker player types and playing styles (tight aggressive, loose aggressive, etc.)

Tanmay Sirvastav June 18, 2024

Poker is a diverse game. This involves a lot of thinking in different scenarios, a player needs to adopt the nature of the game as it flows and act accordingly to come out on top. The challenging nature of poker has spread its popularity across the world. The world is seeing so many young players emerging and showing their skills at absolutely top level.

Playing Styles of Poker Players -:

Well, Enough of players, let's talk about the playing styles of the professional players. Usually, there are 2 kinds of players, tight and loose. Tight here means an aggressive approach and loose here means a passive approach. While some players prefer to play a lot of hands and rarely raise or bet, others will play fewer hands and play them more aggressively.

Types of Poker Playing Styles

Let's now discuss some real poker playing styles, what makes them unique, and how you should modify your style of play to compete with them.

1. Tight Aggressive (TAG)-:

This playing style is the go-to style for most of the professionals. In this style the player does not play a lot of hands but whenever he/she does they do it very aggressively.

2. Loose Aggressive (LAG)-:

LAG is a modernized style of playing poker. A player of this style plays a lot of hands and bluff is involved in their game. Always remember a solid LAG style player does know when to bluff and when not, just because they play a lot of hands don't fall into their trap.

3. The Maniac -:

As the name suggests, to be the player of this style you have to be a maniac. The maniac can also be called the extreme LAG. This style involves playing back-to-back hands and not stopping. Every Poker player prefers their opposition to be a maniac because maniacs tend to lose a lot of hands. If you are playing with a maniac make sure you play with TAG Poker style.

4. Tight Passive (Nit) -:

Some people play poker, but they sit at the table and seldom ever play a hand. When they get into a pot, they typically only call and rarely place a wager.

Once they miss the board, it will be quite simple to steal a pot from a nit. They never actually start a large bluff; instead, they will fold to minor bets and check.

5. Loose Passive -:

This kind of player plays a lot of hands, often limping into pots or making small raises, and barely ever folds to a re-raise. These players are one of the easiest opponents.

Conclusion -:

It is important to understand that all of the above styles are real. Every poker player tends to stick to one or the other style or strategy. If you want to be a successful poker player, learn to read your opponent and understand their style of playing and then counter-attack with your style.

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